What is 3BX ?

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Books Beats Box is a community for independent artists, musicians  authors and anyone who enjoys grass roots produced entertainment. Check out some new age manga and graphic novels or listen to old school sounds while playing retro arcade games and much much more. Virtual Concerts, live-viewing and real-time comment/bidding to big up creators while taking part in the independent artist revolution.

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Audio or video versions of Manga, Comics, Novels, Fictions and Every n' Anything in Between

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Press play on the JUKEBOX to listen/watch your favorite independent artists and creators. This is what the community hears and if it beats they will listen.

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Anything new and independent arrives here first. Tap in and be a part of the rawest form of entertainment and undiscovered creators.

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Y 3BX ?

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Why 3BX? From Events and Virtual Concerts, to Game Box and Tuned Up/Tooned In. This is where artists and fans come together under one dome to hear one-song or as we like to call it Uni-verse. 3BX. Created by Independents for Independence.

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Books  Box

Beats Box

Game Box

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audio/video book info & product store

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Gaming platform for everyone

Juke Box

Are you a multi-tasker that likes to listen to Lo-Fi Hip-Hop or Neo-Classic Jazz beats while you read or play cards and video games? Then check out the JUKEBOX setting, it saves every song/video/game that you deemed Star material and allows you to press play on it, whenever, however, whereever.

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Virtual concerts

Where do you go to see your favorite independent artist live when they are in another city, state or country?  You go to your in home smart devices and stream exclusive virtual concerts real-time, an exclusive feature only on 3BX. Kick'n it ol' school like house parties used to do.

Tuned up tooned in

Are you "something like a boss" in your creative landscape but haven't quite hit that high point. Well, present your elevator pitch to the world and see if it catches on with -TUNED UP/TOONED IN. Here you can reserve time slots for your 30 seconds to 6 minutes of fame on an unsaturated, genre specific, real-time/live streaming venue. 3BX - a platform for independent artists and fans of independence.

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