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June Artists of the Month
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Books Beats Box

Underground Epicenter for Independent Artists


Books Beats Box is a community of independent artists, musicians, authors, their fans and anyone who enjoys grass roots produced entertainment. Check out some new age manga and graphic novels. or listen to old school sounds while playing retro arcade games and much, much more.

artists. musicians. authors.

We Are You

We Are You

This website was founded by independent artists for independent artists to display their work to their world of fans. Many great works go overlooked in this streaming world of information, here at 3BX we wanted to provide a platform for art exclusively. No clutter.  No confusion.  No cat videos

The ability to post your creations on an unsaturated venue lends help to the exposure and profit of creators and their market as a whole. This enables the steady and consistent flow of new and innovative stylings in the world of creative art

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