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Rob Steele


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Rob Steele (not a pseudonym) is an award-winning journalist who has realized that he prefers writing about fictional deaths rather than real ones. Never mind the fact that he was a baseball reporter – please don’t hold that against him. He also discovered that his humor leaking through his writing is more acceptable in his own books than some newspaper column or blog. (This looks remarkably like what's on the back of the books. Want proof? Buy one of the books!)

[Rob] often brings humor - sometimes dry - always clever - and he carefully inserts it at the right moments so the reader appreciates it.
Jimmy Broccoli - Poet / Author


Giving The Devil
Her Due

Cooper Wright is back with another anthology of case files.

More murders means Lt. Wright, Dr. Young, and the whole precinct is back with an even bigger supporting cast to help solve these perplexing murders.

As with Eclipsing The Moons, these short stories are just the right size for easy reading.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy more good mysteries!

Eclipse v3.png

Eclipsing The Moons

Murder, mystery, the theft of overpriced valuables.

Who has time for that kind of thing these days?

Well, now you do. You are looking at a collection of short, fun mysteries that fit your schedule. Who knew that kind of thing existed these days? Well, now you do.

You do have time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good mystery. Whether it’s the arson in August Fire, the theft of a two-million dollar car in The Curse Continues, or just a good old-fashioned murder in Eclipsing The Moons. These are the kind of stories that will make the hair of the back of your neck stand up and still leave you time for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

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