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Sergeant Danger Geist


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Danger Geist enlisted in the Army at age 17, and is most well-known for his award-winning memoir, "I am Danger; I am Prisoner," which chronicles much of his unique military experience. Other content of his has appeared in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series and the "New York Times" online edition, and he has been featured on local and syndicated radio stations across the U.S. Danger currently resides in the Chicago area and is the owner of Burning Bridge, a company designed to help new authors optimize their manuscripts so they can land an agent or publisher. He is available for speaking engagements covering a variety of topics, including America's betrayal of its Afghan interpreters, being a Christian in a Muslim country, and the execution of dogs on military bases. To hire Danger, please send an inquiry at

I Am Danger

I Am Danger

What's in a name? Ask Danger. A naïve 17 year-old boy thinks he understands why he enlisted in the Army, but his assumptions are challenged when he's called to serve in a volatile region of Afghanistan. Now a 22 year-old Sergeant stuck in a combat zone, Danger aims to find purpose behind his forced separation from his beloved girlfriend Joanna. Just when Danger thinks he's survived the war, he finds a bit of himself seems to have died in Afghanistan. I am Danger; I am Prisoner is the inspirational true story of a boy who wanted to do the right thing, only to grow up and find himself enslaved in a lie that both haunts and liberates him. Travel with Danger as he survives the decrepit streets of East St. Louis to the terrorist-infested villages of Afghanistan, not without creating relationships with the Muslim natives who teach him a few Christian lessons along the way as he discovers that his greatest danger may be himself.

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