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Miss Educated

As an artist I joined Books Beats Box (3BX) as just another way to display my artwork to the world and introduce fans and new patrons to my style, that's what I intended at least.  As soon as my first few patrons donated and began to follow me , my proverbial phone started to ring off the hook. I was getting pings from fellow artists to design cover art for their album, commissions for video shoots in the area and even Manga art?? idk , but anyway this community is popping and this seems to be just the start.


Still Life with a Guitar

Missy's Info

I will paint you the world as I see It

Please follow and promote me I am available to paint many different styles of art, even Manga???!!  I although specialize in post modern African American Art styles and realistic portraits. I love this site and i love my fans even more. Feel free to browse through and tell me what you think. thank you

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