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My Name is Saniah I am an Artist/Sculptor/Painter from Saint Louis, MO ( the show-me-state). When I think of art as as a single idea, I consider every aspect possible and try to bring it together into one final product. So whenever I sculpt I wear a certain outfit, put on a playlist I can vibe to in that moment, set up my materials with a certain background in front of me, make sure the scents in the room are the way I need them to be... Everything is particular to that single moment of creation and so that makes every single piece of art complete and unique.


Portrait Sculpture

Saniah's Info

"Creating is a part of creation"

I spend most of my time on 3BX but definitely inbox me if I'm not here. Also to my fans that promote me (Stars Up), I do a live session every Wednesday night around 5 (CST), so drop an idea in the comments and it could end up as the next commissioned work. Also please check out the artists store for my newest creations. Thank you

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