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Greetings Artist!

If you have gotten to this page, then you we want to feature your art... whether it's music, sculpture, paintings, books... whatever you create, we want to show you off a bit.

To do that, until we get our full site online, we'll need a little help from you.

How To Upload To 3BX

What we need from  you is a 30-second video of your art with your description as a voice-over.  If you want to send a 30-second clip of a song, that's great.  30-seconds of a music video?  Awesome!  30-seconds of a "movie trailer" for your book?  Excellent!  A video of people looking at your sculpture while you tell us about it?  Bring it!  That's what we're looking for!

We prefer MP4 as a video format (or MP3 if it's just audio), and we want you to use to send it to us until our full-blown site is online.  (Yes, it's a free email service.)

Send your file to with your name (duh), title of your art, album title if applicable, cover art if available, a picture of you (and your band?), your website and social media links (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, etc.) and we'll take care of the rest.


If you have questions, send them to:

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